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About Us

Fiona is the designer and sole creator behind Eco-Chilled.

Fiona's background of 20 years working in the textile industry has provided a solid foundation to build on. Having spent countless times searching for rubber bands to hold a towel on her children's frozen water bottles only for then to arrive home a wet and soggy, there had to be a better way she thought to herself.  Upon reading a magazine ad, an idea started to form. Research was carried out, supplies purchased and the journey began.

Fiona's passion for colour and design shines throughout her work and everyday life.

Each item is made with love and passion, a true gift from the heart.

Many Happy Customers return to purchase again.

With an ever growing list of products, Our journey continues to expand world wide with our products been found in every state and Territory of Australia as well as Thailand, South Africa, France and Zimbabwe.


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